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Managing Groups During STEM

Purpose: Frontline staff and volunteers will manage behavior of youth during STEM activities.

As a result of ongoing, consistent professional development efforts, frontline staff and volunteers will be able to:

  • Manipulate the activity structure, environment and interactions in order to contribute to youth learning.
  • Recognize and highlight positive youth behavior.
  • Design compelling STEM learning activities to motivate student participation.

Staff Development Guides

Staff development guides are designed for coaches and trainers to use when providing professional development to frontline staff or volunteers. These downloadable step-by-step professional development guides include agendas, social and experiential learning activities, videos learning modules, supporting documents and handouts. The guides available below are designed to support the skill Encouraging Collaboration. For more information about Staff Development Guides, please visit About Staff Development Guides.

Self-Directed Web Lessons

Click2Science Web Lessons offer self-directed, on-demand professional development for frontline staff and volunteers. Web Lessons are hosted on Penn State Extension Better Kid Care learning management system. To complete a Click2Science Web Lesson, please review our instructions for accessing lessons on Better Kid Care. For more information about self-directed Web Lessons, please visit About Web Lessons.

  • Group Management During STEM

    Managing active children during science and engineering projects can be challenging even for seasoned out-of-school time staff. Learn how to structure STEM experiences and space for the most positive group interactions and learning. Through the advice of experts and front line staff, this module provides resources for safe, engaging group time during STEM experiences. Planning checklists and several activity instructions are included in this module.

    Supporting Youth Development Through STEM

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On-Demand Webinars

Click2Science hosts virtual professional development webinars each month focused on out-of-school time learning environments. STEM, professional development best practices, and other relevant events. All webinars are recorded and made available for on-demand viewing. The recorded, on-demand webinars below are designed to support the skill. Encouraging Collaboration. For more on-demand webinars or to register for an upcoming webinar, please visit our Webinar page.