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Connecting to Prior Knowledge & Experiences

Purpose: Frontline staff and volunteers will be able to effectively connect STEM activities to the knowledge and experiences (culture, gender, socioeconomic status, language, daily experiences, etc.) of the youth in their program.

As a result of ongoing, consistent professional development efforts, frontline staff and volunteers will be able to:

  • Assess the prior knowledge, context, and experiences youth bring to STEM learning.
  • Incorporate the experiences of youth into STEM programming.
  • Portray science as a real, social, lived experience that is relevant to youth.
  • Connect afterschool STEM activities to what youth are learning in school.

Staff Development Guides

Staff development guides are designed for coaches and trainers to use when providing professional development to frontline staff or volunteers. These dowloadable step-by-step professional development guides include agendas, social and experiential learning activities, videos learning modules, supporting documents and handouts. The guides available below are design to support the skill Encouraging Collaboration. For more information about Staff Development Guides, please visit About Staff Development Guides.

Self-Directed Web Lessons

Click2Science Web Lessons offer self-directed, on-demand professional development for frontline staff and volunteers. Web Lessons are hosted on Penn State Extension's Better Kid Care learning managemente system. To take a Click2Science Web Lesson, please review our instructions for accessing lessins on Better Kid Care. For more information about Self-directed Web Lessons, please visit About Web Lessons.

  • Connected Learning

    Out-of-school time facilitators have the challenge of making STEM interactions with children more effective by connecting planned experiences with previous knowledge or concerns of the children. Learn effective teaching strategies to match a STEM experience with children’s interest and skills. This lesson is one of twenty Click2Sciecne lessons designed to help frontline staff facilitate STEM experiences.

    Supporting Youth Development Through STEM

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  • Sparking Interest in STEM

    Out-of-school time leaders can have a unique impact on the science, technology, engineering, and math skills of school-age children. This lesson is one of 20 Click2Science lessons designed to help frontline staff facilitate STEM experiences. Through both basic and “stretch” experiences, handouts, and videos learners will gain new strategies for sparking children’s interests and maintaining their participation in STEM investigations.

    Supporting Youth Development Through STEM

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On-Demand Webinars

Click2Science hosts virtual professional development webinars each month focused on out-of-school time learning environments. STEM, professional development best practices, and other relevant events. All webinars are recorded and made available for on-demand viewing. The recorded, on-demand webinars below are designed to support the skill. Encouraging Collaboration. For more on-demand webinars or to register for an upcoming webinar, please visit our Webinar page.