Frequently Asked Questions

Website & Resource Redesign

What happened to the Professional Development Resources?

Professional Development Resources are now called Staff Development Guides. We still offer Training, Meeting, and Coaching guides.

Why has the website changed?

Click2Science officially launched our website in January of 2015. Since that time, we've added new staff development guides, new video-based resources, new blogs, and webinar recordings to our professional development resource offerings. We've also been busy evaluating the effectiveness, usability, and function of our website and professional development model. Professional development best practices recommend an ongoing cycle of needs assessment, a targeted training and/or coaching intervention, and evaluation to continuously improve program quality. Click2Science followed that same cycle and is ready to launch version 2.0! We've asked for, and listened to feedback from afterschool professionals and experts in the OST field, who recommended restructuring the website and reevaluating our Skills that Make STEM Click, staff development guides, and video-based learning modules. As a result, you will notice that we've made many changes to increase the quality of the Click2Science Resources and user experience. For more information about the changes we've made, visit Get Ready - Click2Science Version 2.0 is Coming!

Where are the PDF resources?

The PDF resources are still available but are now called Staff Development Guides.

I noticed different content offered based on my selection on the homepage. Can I still access all of your content?

Yes! Based on focus group feedback and other web evaluations we've been conducting, we designed new entry pages based on out-of-school time roles and populated that with content most relevant to each role. However, you can still access all of our content and, if you are a registered user, download staff development guides, and activities. There are multiple ways to access all content pages, but if you are confused, use the About dropdown for background information and the top navigation bar to find the content you are looking for.

What are Staff Development Guides?

Staff Development Guides – formerly known as professional development resources, professional development guides, training guides, or simply PDF's – are the same great resources you've come to know and love, just with a few tweaks! Other than the new name, staff development guides look a little different than they used to. Based on user feedback, we revised the guides to make them easier to follow, more aesthetically pleasing, and cut down on the resources need to print and deliver a guide to staff and volunteers.

What happened to the "20 Skills that Make STEM Click?"

We collected feedback from out-of-school time STEM facilitation experts and afterschool leaders to review the 20 skills for overlap and redundancy. We found that some skills have very similar purposes and objectives and that there was a need to separate some skills that had formerly been combined. Thus, we restructured and refined the 20 skills to make it easier for trainers and coaches to find what they're looking for. Our 20 skills have been condensed into 16 skills and organized within three strategies. This new structure is called our Framework. For more information about how our previous 20 skills relate to our new skills, please visit Click2Science has a New Skills Framework.

Where are all of the videos?

In order to encourage best practices in professional development, we've restructured our website to promote the Click2Science Professional Development Model. The real-practice videos, previously found within easily-accessible learning modules, are intended to be used as part of professional development sessions to fuel discussion and reflection. Because they demonstrate real-practice and not perfect practice, however, it's recommended that trainers and coaches only use these videos within facilitated professional development experiences. Some ideas for ensuring that staff have opportunities to discuss the practices they will see in the video includes: discussing the reflection questions after watching the skills video in a staff meeting, staff watching the videos on their own time and discussing what they saw using a Google Doc or through a learning management system, or a virtual meeting, where staff watch the videos during a meeting or before signing in. Video-based learning modules are accessible through Staff Development Guides, and users can also easily access our collection of featured video-based learning modules. If you are looking for a specific video to incorporate into your professional development, we suggest searching our YouTube Channel.

About Click2SciencePD

Why was Click2SciencePD developed?

High quality, well-facilitated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities encourage youth to be curious, ask questions, and make connections with the world around them. These are essential skills for success in life and increasingly important in the global economy, and OST STEM programs can help ensure that young people have these skills. However, OST staff involved in these programs often lack the capacity they need to effectively plan and facilitate STEM learning in a way that builds the knowledge and skills that young people need. Click2Science is designed to address the need for affordable, high-quality STEM professional development for OST program professionals.

How do I register for Click2SciencePD?

To register as a Click2Science member, click on the Register link at the top right of the page. Complete the registration form or opt to register through a linked social media account,

What does it cost to register for Click2SciencePD?

Membership, courses and training resources are completely free. Registered users looking to earn CEUs through Better Kid Care may pay per lesson through the Better Kid Care website.

Who are Frontline Staff?

Frontline Staff are individuals in your afterschool program that work directly with youth to guide a program or activity. This may include volunteers, entry-level staff, summer staff, childcare providers, or educators. Essentially, any adult leader that are required to interact with youth are considered Frontline Staff.

Who are Coaches and Trainers?

A coach or trainer is any individual in charge of providing professional development to frontline staff in out-of-school time. Coaches and trainers may be individuals within an OST organization who's responsible for finding professional development opportunities or directly training staff or volunteers themselves. They may also refer to any professional development provider outside of an OST organization who delivers professional development to frontline staff.

Who are Certified Click2Science Trainers?

Certified Click2Science Trainers are trainers who have attended and successfully completed the Click2Science Trainer Institute. Institute participants receive an official Click2Science Trainer certification signifying their competency to deliver Click2Science workshops.

About Click2SciencePD Better Kid Care Lessons

What is Better Kid Care?

Better Kid Care is an on-demand distance education system that provides professional development lessons to youth development professionals. An outreach educational program of Penn State Cooperative Extension, Better Kid Care aims to improve the quality of youth care.

How do I use a prepayment code?

To access your Click2SciencePD OnDemand Web Lesson, make sure that you have your access code handy. Please follow the directions below:


Instructions for taking the Click2Science lesson and using the prepayment code:

1. If this is your first time customer with Better Kid Care OnDemand Web Lessons, you will need to get registered. Click here to go to the Better Kid Care (BKC) On Demand Lesson page.  For more information how to register with BKC,  please watch our tutorial video by clicking here.  

2. If you are a returning customer, sign in to the Better Kid Care On Demand Web Lessons portal.

3. Select “Lesson Series or Courses” from the Lessons menu on the left.

4. Select Click2Science (C2S) lessons at the top of the list.

5. Scroll down until you find the lesson with the title you received in your initial email. (If you do not have a title, please choose any of the Click2Science lessons listed)

6. Select this lesson to begin taking this professional development course. You can start and stop the lesson as needed.

7. When you finish the content portion of the lesson, you will be taken to a payment screen. Enter your prepayment code.

For other questions, please use our helpful FAQ page and our page for those Interested in Earning Credits.  Or, contact us at