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Latest from the Blog

  • Maximizing Visits from STEM Experts
    Maximizing Visits from STEM Experts

    When youth are introduced to approachable and relatable STEM role models, they are more likely to pursue STEM courses and careers in the future.

  • Keeping Girls Engaged in STEM
    Keeping Girls Engaged

    Girls are considered a marginalized population in STEM because of their under-representation in STEM-related professions. In order to help diminish this gender gap, we've compiled some ways to keep girls engaged in STEM.

  • Meet Kerri
    New STEM Education Expert on Click2Science

    Click2Science’s mission is to provide valuable resources and information that helps out-of-school time (OST) professionals create quality STEM learning experiences with youth.

  • STEM Activities to Try This Winter
    New Season, New Opportunity to Explore Science!
  • STEM Learning
    How do I Engage Youth in STEM Learning?
    Struggling to engage youth in STEM learning? Looking for ways to motivate youth to think critically about STEM activities? Click2Science has compiled a few easy tricks staff can use to guide youth in STEM programming.

  • Positive Youth Development
    Planting the Seed that makes “STEM” Grow

    Youth development professionals come from many backgrounds and work in a variety of settings.

  • Summer Training with New Staff

    New staff training is important to the quality of every OST program. Check out these top three resources we've compiled to use with new staff during the summer months.

  • Where’s the Inquiry?
    Like that little old lady in that fast food commercial who asks, “Where’s the beef?”, I sometimes wonder, “Where’s the inquiry?” when observing a STEM activity.
  • Outdoor Learning
    Get Outdoors!
    Spending time in nature allows children to focus, think more clearly, exercise their senses and improve their impulses. Of course, nature is also great place to get kids excited about STEM. But with so many advantages of getting outdoors, why are kids spending so little time there?


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How do we create high quality programming in Afterschool?

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I’m not sure I know enough about STEM careers to make connections to them. I’m not sure I know enough about STEM careers to make connections to them. Anyone have a suggestion for where I can go to learn more about STEM career pathways? 2
Skills and Learning Modules Let us know what Skills you would like to see highlighted in 2016. 0
How have the youth in your program responded to your efforts asking more purposeful questions? 2

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