Three Talk Moves to Give Youth Control of Learning

3 Talk Moves to Give Youth Control of Learning

April 24, 2017

Simple conversational prompts — such as questions, comments and hints — can be used to encourage engagement and productive discussion among young learners. When guiding a learning experience with a specific goal in mind, these prompts become powerful instructional tools called talk moves.

Getting Messy

A Messy Topic: Why Doing Science is Important

April 3, 2017

Is memorizing content the same as learning it? Not according to most afterschool educators, who regularly involve children in investigations, inquiry and local phenomenon. Yet school-day science often insists that students learn by memorizing facts or vocabulary. So, what are we to believe?

Maximizing Visits from STEM Experts

Maximizing Visits from STEM Experts

February 20, 2017

When youth are introduced to approachable and relatable STEM role models, they are more likely to pursue STEM courses and careers in the future. STEM role models can alter a young person’s perceptions about what STEM professionals look like, exemplify a clear pathway to STEM, and illustrate how STEM works in their community.

Keeping Girls Engaged in STEM

Keeping Girls Engaged

February 6, 2017

Girls are considered a marginalized population in STEM because of their under-representation in STEM-related professions. In order to help diminish this gender gap, we've compiled some ways to keep girls engaged in STEM.

Meet Kerri

New STEM Education Expert on Click2Science

January 19, 2017

Click2Science’s mission is to provide valuable resources and information that helps out-of-school time (OST) professionals create quality STEM learning experiences with youth. In an effort to expand upon its lineup of resources, Click2Science is introducing a new STEM Education Expert to its blog in 2017.

STEM Activities to Try This Winter

November 30, 2016

New Season, New Opportunity to Explore Science! As the temperature drops and seasons change, youth in your program may begin to wonder how icicles form, why snow melts or why we put salt on icy roads. This creates the perfect opportunity to teach youth about the changes in states of matter. In order to encourage this curiosity in youth, Click2SciencePD has compiled a few easy, inexpensive STEM experiments to try out during the winter months.  

STEM Learning

How do I Engage Youth in STEM Learning?

August 31, 2016

Struggling to engage youth in STEM learning? Looking for ways to motivate youth to think critically about STEM activities? Click2Science has compiled a few easy tricks staff can use to guide youth in STEM programming.  Connect Activities to Real-World Careers

Positive Youth Development

Planting the Seed that makes “STEM” Grow

August 1, 2016

Youth development professionals come from many backgrounds and work in a variety of settings. They can be childcare providers, camp leaders, afterschool professionals, or even volunteers with little to no background in development or education. Due to this diversity, it’s essential to ensure there’s a basic understanding of positive youth development among those working in the field.What is PYD

Summer Training with New Staff

June 30, 2016

New staff training is important to the quality of every OST program. Check out these top three resources we've compiled to use with new staff during the summer months.