Get to know Click2Science

Use Click2Science with your out-of-school staff to help them develop the 20 Skills to Make STEM Click when engaging youth in informal STEM learning.

How can you benefit from Click2Science?

State Program Leaders

State program leaders can improve overall program quality in their state with the Click2Science professional development resources.

Frontline staff and volunteers

Frontline staff and volunteers can watch the 20 skills to make STEM Click in action and have access to the engaging STEM activities.

Site directors and coordinators

Site directors and coordinators can choose the coaching, training, and meeting resources that fit their site needs to deliver professional development to staff and volunteers.

Trainers and coaches

Trainers and coaches have a wealth of ready to use, free resources to develop the STEM skills of frontline staff and volunteers.


Educators can access the interactive videos, activities,and training, coaching, and meeting resources to improve their skills in leading STEM activities.


What you will find at Click2Science

  1. Professional development resources
  2. Learning modules staff can see themselves in
  3. STEM activities you can easily use with youth
  4. Community that is passionate about STEM learning

How to navigate Click2Science

Scroll through the slides to see all that Click2Science has to offer.

20 Skills to make STEM Click

These categories guide you to the 20 Skills that make STEM Click.

Interactive Video-Based Learning Modules

Learning Modules are interactive, innovative video professional development tools.

Training, Coaching & Meeting Resources

 Printable resources for trainings, workshops, staff meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Quality supporting STEM activities

Access to the quality STEM activities used in learning modules and training resources.

A Passionate STEM Community

Click2Science provides access to a community of practice for STEM educators, including discussions, blogs, a job board, and news.

Click2Science Blog

STEM out-of-school time experts share what they're doing and hints for teaching STEM more effectively.

Looking for the resources that informed our work?

The 20 Skills that Make STEM Click were identified by looking through existing research and resources, as well as seeking input form frontline facilitators, trainers, and coaches about the skills they needed help supporting. Learn more

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